Finance Brokers in Byron, Ballina, Lennox Head & beyond.

At Crunch Finance we pride ourselves in helping customers Australia wide. Whatever loan or finance you are looking for, we’ll find you the best home loan rates, or finance rates on the market. No jargon, no hard sell, no cost – just savings!

Finance Brokers in Byron, Ballina, Lennox Head & beyond.

Whatever loan or finance you are looking for, we’ll find you the best home loan rates, or finance rates on the market. No jargon, no hard sell, no cost – just savings!

We don’t just talk finance...

…we talk lifestyle too. Because whatever loan you’re looking for, it needs to fit in with you. Simply tell us your goals and we’ll get to work searching the market for the best products to suit your needs.

And then we’ll be sure to break it all down, so you know exactly what your options are, with no surprises. The best bit? Our mortgage broker services are all at no cost to you. If you decide to take out a loan, the lender pays us. Too easy.

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We Crunch the numbers for you

It’s what we’re here for. There are 4 simple steps to get you started on achieving those finance goals, and getting the best mortgage rates.

Four simple steps
to a better loan


Reach out for a chat

This is the discovery call and takes place with one of our friendly, Crunch Local mortgage brokers. We’ll ask all the right questions to understand where we can help.


Fact Finding

We’ll ask you to complete our Personal Discovery form to ensure we are capturing the right information. We then get to work and start searching the market.


Present your options

We’ll take you through the best financial solutions that we found for you. We’ll show you exactly what this means to you in terms of savings and repayments.


Secure the best loan

If you want to proceed with one of the loans, our team of loan processors will get the paperwork underway. Stat. And if you need more time, that’s ok too.

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