Investment Property Loan

Looking for an investment Property... We can make it happen for you.

Thinking about an Investment property loan? We’d love to chat. With the proper planning and considerations upfront, we can help you realise how investing in property can potentially work for you.

Investment Property Loan

Our Investment Property Loans

Investment properties can bring many benefits as part of a long term wealth strategy. With a fast growing population, investing in Australian property can be a secure and stable investment in comparison with other avenues. Throw in some possible tax breaks and additional income stream, and you can see why many Australians are doing it.  You might be considering an investment property if you’ve owned your existing home for a few years and built up some equity.

Or perhaps you’re looking to buy your first property as a buy-to-rent scenario. Whatever your circumstances, to find the best property investment loan rates, seeking advice and guidance on your financial options upfront can be critical in maximising your long term return.

Our team of expert finance brokers can offer support & general advice on property and yields to your own borrowing capacity, Investment property Loans and the sort of property you should be investing in.  

How we find you the best investment property loans

To understand what’s possible, we need to know exactly where you’re at. We’ll work with you to get a clear idea of your situation – your income, employment status, existing equity, assets, debts, savings…the lot. Our team of finance brokers will then explore what your options are in terms of investment property loan. It’s worth noting that investment property loans are typically approached differently to owner-occupier loans by lenders.

They can attract higher interest rates and more fees due to a perception of being higher risk. Potential property purchase and yields can affect your borrowing capacity and we’ll explore all of this based on your circumstances. We’ll present all your options so you know exactly what your monthly outgoings will be across the board. First time investment property loans are generally made possible in two ways – using equity in your existing home (your property becomes the security) or with a guarantor loan (where another property is used as security e.g., parents’ home).

If you already have an investment property loan and are looking to refinance it, our team can help too.

  • We can help you choose the best property
  • You don’t pay us the bank does
  • Our payment does not effect your rates
  • We offer a personalised one on one service
  • We can manage all your finances

Your Investment Property Loan, tailored to you

An investment property can be a solid investment strategy for many Australians in the right financial situation. It should be approached with consideration and due diligence so you’re making an informed decision based on all the factors in both the short and long term. Finding the best investment property loan is key, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

It’s never too early to start the conversation, even if you’re not quite in a position to make the investment yet, our team of finance brokers will be able to advise you on what you need to get there…and how long that might take.

At Crunch, we believe a good investment strategy should minimise risk but maximise return, both now and long into the future.

What we do for you

Crunch Finance is your one stop shop to manage all your finances, Offering the best rates on the market for every budget and situation. Our steps to a better business loans are simple…

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This is the discovery call and takes place with one of our friendly, Crunch Local mortgage brokers. We’ll ask all the right questions to understand where we can help.

2. Discover your situation

We’ll ask you to complete our Personal Discovery form to ensure we are capturing the right information. We then get to work and start searching the market.

3. Present your best home loan options

We’ll take you through the best financial solutions that we found for you. We’ll show you exactly what this means to you in terms of savings and repayments.

4. Secure you the best home loan

If you want to proceed with one of the loans, our team of loan processors will get the paperwork underway. Stat. And if you need more time, that’s ok too.

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