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Looking to build your own home? We have great options for you!

Building or renovating your own home? Exciting! We’d love to see the plans…but first let us find you the best land and Construction loan on the market.

Our Home Construction Loans

You’ve got a house to build…or renovate, so we’ll keep this short and to the point! We understand that whilst the finances are important in a home build, they shouldn’t be taking up too much of your precious time, You most probably want to find the best construction loans in Australia, and you simply need peace of mind, knowing the funds will be readily available to you as and when you need them. 

That’s where our expert team of mortgage and finance brokers can help. So, whether you’re building from scratch, knocking down an existing property, undertaking some major renovations, there will be a construction home loan out there to suit you!

Allow us to find it for you.

How we find you the best land or construction loan

To understand what’s possible, we need to know exactly where you’re at. We’ll work with you to get a clear idea of your situation – your income, employment status, existing equity, assets, debts, savings…the lot. Construction home loans typically need a little more detail at application stage than traditional home loans with documents like fixed price building contract, council approved plans and build licence permits often required. Our team of finance brokers will then explore what the most suitable construction and land loans are for you.

The good news is that home construction loans are set-up to benefit you. Progress payments are released during key stages of the build or renovation (slab, frame, lock-up, fit-out, and completion), meaning you’re not paying interest on future funds you haven’t yet used. It’s worth noting, lenders will often set a maximum timeframe on your staged payments, typically 6 months so timing of securing and activating the loan is important.

  • Split land and Construction Loans
  • You don’t pay us the bank does
  • Our payment does not effect your rates
  • We offer a personalised one on one service
  • We can manage all your finances

Your Home Construction or Land Loan tailored to you

Home construction loans are like using the right tool for the job. They’re tailor-made and specifically designed for people building or renovating a home. With more than 22 products on the market, our expert mortgage brokers will help you find the right construction home loan for your needs. We put in the hard work upfront so that your pre-approved finances are firmly in place when the build starts.

With the ‘pay-as-you-go’ structure meaning less interest and flexible timings on the draw downs, there’s no better time to find out what your options are to get everything locked in place and ready for your build!

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What we do for you

Crunch Finance is your one stop shop to manage all your finances, Offering the best rates on the market for every budget and situation. Our steps to a better business loans are simple…

1. Reach out for an initial chat

This is the discovery call and takes place with one of our friendly, Crunch Local mortgage brokers. We’ll ask all the right questions to understand where we can help.

2. Discover your situation

We’ll ask you to complete our Personal Discovery form to ensure we are capturing the right information. We then get to work and start searching the market.

3. Present your best home loan options

We’ll take you through the best financial solutions that we found for you. We’ll show you exactly what this means to you in terms of savings and repayments.

4. Secure you the best home loan

If you want to proceed with one of the loans, our team of loan processors will get the paperwork underway. Stat. And if you need more time, that’s ok too.

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