Refinancing Home Loan

We offer a great range of home loan options for refinancing

Looking for a better deal on your home loan? Us too. It’s our job to find the best Refinance Mortgage Rates on the market to suit our clients. It’s what we’re here for.

Our Refinancing Loans

At Crunch, we love change! To others, change may feel like a hassle and an unnecessary risk but in the world of loans it can result in some serious savings across the board…and we’re here for it! From better rates to cash back incentives for refinancing, there’s a range of ways to increase your disposable income.

If you feel you’re paying too much interest, have had a change in circumstances, or are keen to pay off your loan sooner or even want to release some equity from your home, then we can help you find the best mortgage refinance deals.

With access to 46 lenders and an extensive network, it’s our job to know the most competitive products and explore the latest home loan refinance offers so we can connect them to our clients. 

How we get you the best refinance rates on the market

Whoever your lender, your mortgage should be reviewed every 12 months. At Crunch we pride ourselves in being the areas best refinance mortgage broker and once we start working with a client, we will proactively review their mortgage every year to ensure they’re considered for the best home loan refinance deals at the time. There really is no reason to be missing out. Lending criteria, rates and fee structures are changing all the time – not to mention your circumstances.

So we’ll compare all the latest home loan refinance offers to ensure you’re still on the right loan for your needs. We factor in early repayment charges, admin costs and any seemingly hidden fees.

If we negotiate a better deal for you, then our team of Local mortgage brokers will handle all the paperwork and the entire transition so it’s seamless and hassle-free every step of the change!

  • We find the best rates in the Market
  • You don’t pay us the bank does
  • Our payment does not effect your rates
  • We offer a personalised one on one service
  • We can manage all your finances

Your Refinancing Mortgage tailored to you

There can be a number of reasons for refinancing a home and looking for a Refinance mortgage – to consolidate debt, to allow for varied repayment amounts, to release equity, to combat higher living costs.

We will take the time to understand your circumstances now and in the foreseeable future – for example, if you’re planning to move any time soon. These will all be considered so your refinanced home loan delivers both in the short and mid-term, before reassessing again in 12 months.

The right mortgage is one that works for you and fits in with your lifestyle.

What we do for you

Crunch Finance is your one stop shop to manage all your finances, Offering the best rates on the market for every budget and situation. Our steps to a better business loans are simple…

1. Reach out for an initial chat

This is the discovery call and takes place with one of our friendly, Crunch Local mortgage brokers. We’ll ask all the right questions to understand where we can help.

2. Discover your situation

We’ll ask you to complete our Personal Discovery form to ensure we are capturing the right information. We then get to work and start searching the market.

3. Present your best home loan options

We’ll take you through the best financial solutions that we found for you. We’ll show you exactly what this means to you in terms of savings and repayments.

4. Secure you the best home loan

If you want to proceed with one of the loans, our team of loan processors will get the paperwork underway. Stat. And if you need more time, that’s ok too.

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