First Home Loan

If you are buying your first home, we can make it simple.

Looking to buy your first home? It’s never too early to give us a call. From understanding your borrowing capacity to securing pre-approval, we can help you find the best first home loan to suit your needs.

Our First Home Buyer Loans

Owning your own home, it’s the great Australian Dream, right? But navigating the mortgage landscape to find a first home buyer loan can feel seriously overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

We’re experts at finding the best home loans for first time home buyers. With access to over 46 lenders, we’re experienced in knowing all the questions to ask to ensure you end up with the best first home buyers mortgage to suit your lifestyle. Perhaps you think owning a home is a pipedream? Well, we love nothing more than working with our clients to help them turn what feels impossible into a reality.

We can advise on the deposit needed, borrowing capacity and criteria, right through to structuring loans and how to be prepared for the ‘hidden’ costs when getting on the property ladder with your first home buyer loan. We’re here to make sense of the finances so you’ve got more time for the fun stuff – like house hunting!

How we find you the best home loan rates on the market

To understand what’s possible, we need to know exactly where you’re at. Knowing that you are looking for a first home buyer loan, we’ll work with you to get a clear idea of your situation – your income, employment status, existing assets, debts, savings…the lot. If you’re taking out a first time home buyer home loan, you may be eligible for a government grant, which can change your borrowing power for the better!

If that’s the case, we’ll factor it in. If you’re wanting to borrow more than 80% of the property’s value, we may need to budget for lender’s mortgage insurance. An alternative option is to secure a family guarantor which can bypass the need for additional insurance.

We will explore all your options and let you know what’s possible and then what that actually means in terms of monthly repayments. We can also arrange pre-approval of your first home buyer loan so you can confidently house hunt, knowing if you find ‘the one’, you’ve got the financial backing to make that all exciting offer!

  • We look at the repayments you can manage
  • You don’t pay us the bank does
  • Our payment does not effect your rates
  • We offer a personalised one on one service
  • We can manage all your finances

Your mortgage, tailored to you

Your circumstances will determine the first home buyer loans we recommend to you. There’s a range of different options out there – the main ones being variable, fixed or a mix of both. Perhaps you want the flexibility to pay off larger sums when you’re in a position to…or perhaps you’re looking for consistency each month to manage within a fixed household budget.

We understand it can feel daunting when first signing up for a mortgage or your first home buyer loan but it’s important to remember things do and can change. Whatever you sign up to initially, we will review all the latest home loan refinance offers on an annual basis to ensure you’re still with the best loan for your circumstances. The right mortgage is one that works for you and fits in with your lifestyle.

What we do for you

Crunch Finance is your one stop shop to manage all your finances, Offering the best rates on the market for every budget and situation. Our steps to a better business loans are simple…

1. Reach out for an initial chat

This is the discovery call and takes place with one of our friendly, Crunch Local mortgage brokers. We’ll ask all the right questions to understand where we can help.

2. Discover your situation

We’ll ask you to complete our Personal Discovery form to ensure we are capturing the right information. We then get to work and start searching the market.

3. Present your best home loan options

We’ll take you through the best financial solutions that we found for you. We’ll show you exactly what this means to you in terms of savings and repayments.

4. Secure you the best home loan

If you want to proceed with one of the loans, our team of loan processors will get the paperwork underway. Stat. And if you need more time, that’s ok too.

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